Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is "Drama" a dirty word?

Is “drama” a dirty word in your church? So many churches have a hard time incorporating dramatic works into their services or events simply because drama has, overall, been poorly presented for quite some time. While there have been some gifted writers, actors, and producers who have successfully brought dramatic art to life, many struggle with how to, or even if they should, use drama in church.

One thing that Dramatic Encounter is passionate about is elevating the level of excellence in art within the church. I personally believe Christians should bring excellence to their art (or whatever it is that you’ve been called to do) simply because Jesus deserves the sacrifice of our very best. Moreover, if we are to be a light in a dark world and an encouragement to the body then we must be competitive to what the world offers.

Are you using drama in your church services or events? How would you encourage others to incorporate effective dramatic pieces within their worship services?

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Dan Kassis said...

You're right that lack of excellence is one reason why drama has not been more accepted in church settings. We've all heard the soloist who had no business singing a solo in a worship service, but was given the slot because someone didn't want to hurt their feelings by saying "no." Dramatists shouldn't feel they have a right to be in front of a congregation just because they can act. We need to earn that spot, earn the trust of the pastor and the congregation. We have to have something valuable to say and it has to lead others to worship God in Spirit and in truth.

Those times I've been able to present drama at church, I was able to show the pastor that my goal was to shine a spotlight on the preaching of the Word. Drama isn't supposed to the the centerpiece - it never should be. It's like the fire that warms the heart of the worshipper to better hear the truths about to be preached. If it fails to do this - if all it does is entertain - then it has no eternal value. We get enough entertainment in the world already. Church drama has to transcend entertainment and find itself in the realm of the transformative. It can only do that when it reflects and magnifies the truth of Scripture.