Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Zachariah is with Jesus

I am very sad to have to say this, Zachariah died last night.November 5, 2008.

Zachariah was a gift from God with a purpose!!!! We may not totally understand right now why he had to live a short life, but God's plans are perfect.

Zachariasz (His Roma name) caused many of us to be on our knees before God in petitioning prayer for many months. The many trips to the hospitals became times of Ola sharing her faith and the gospel message with many other parents who had very sick children too. Ola is a faithful wittiness for the Lord.Andrzej is a bold wittiness to all also.

Please pray for Ola & Andrzej Mirga as they arrange the funeral and suffer the physical loss of their son Zachariasz.

Please pray for God's grace & peace that passes all understanding.

Please pray that God will be glorified through all of this. Pray that the mouths of the mockers and unbelievers will be stopped. Pray that they will see God in this and not be confirmed in their minds that our God is not real.
Ola Mirga, last night told me to say to you all "Thank you all for your prayers for me and my family!!!!"
Z Bogiem, Jerry & family

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Urgent Prayer for Baby Zachariah

Dear Friends,

Please pray for Ola and Andrzej as their son Zachariah is back in the hospital and in critical condition. It seems as though his kidneys as well as other organs are failing and the doctors believe that he may not pull through. Ola and Andrzej's faith is strong, but their hearts are suffering deeply. Please lift them up that they may feel an incredible presence of peace, comfort, strength, and love during this very difficult time.

The Goss'

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