Sunday, December 7, 2008

FlipCam=Good Times

So when I picked up the giveaway prize for YS I also snagged one for Dramatic Encounter to use as well. This way I can share with all of you the exciting adventures of my travels!

Youth Minister Chris Dortch shares about Dramatic Encounter:

The second video goes to show you that at the end of YS things get a little crazy, youth ministers say funny things, and I say "Awesome" a lot.

Catching Up...Youth Specialties National Youth Worker Convention

Whew! Was this a great weekend, or what?! It was my first time to exhibit at this convention and I had a blast meeting ministers and lay workers from all over the country! For four days I was able to share my heart and the calling of this ministry with folks and I loved every minute of it. One of the most poignant moments for me was meeting Fred.

Fred is originally from Kenya and when he stopped by to chat I told him that my Mom sponsored a child in Kenya through World Vision and I sponsored a child in Zimbabwe. He then shared with me how World Vision had made in impact on his community as a child. He told me about the trucks he saw bringing in supplies, the children who were sponsored and were able to get an education they otherwise wouldn't receive, and how God was using World Vision to make a difference for Christ in Africa. I've long been a supporter of the ministry of World Vision, in fact, if Dramatic Encounter ever ceased to exist all of the company's assets would be donated to World Vision, so to hear this wonderful account blessed my heart and encouraged me in my continued support. If you would like to learn more about World Vision, sponsor a child, or make a one time donation, please visit their website.

Thank you to all of those that stopped by our booth and hung out with us. We really enjoyed the opportunity to share about what we do and we hope to be working with you in the next year!

Catching Up...Women's Forum & Mt Vernon Baptist

I've been traveling and working non stop lately so it's been tough to find time to update this ole blog of mine. However, I'm taking this wonderful Sunday afternoon to catch up on where I've been.

At the beginning of November I had the privilege to team up with Rachel Lovingood at LifeWay's National Women's Leadership Forum in Nashville. She's a great host and we always have a good time opening the sessions up with fun sketches! This was my first year to teach a class and we learned some creative ways to spice up women's events. Next year there will be two Forum's--back to back! You don't want to miss this wonderful time of training and refreshement. Check out more details at LifeWay's website.

After a day of rest I flew to West Monroe, LA to join a college friend of mine for a weekend of ministry. Emily is now a youth minister at Mt. Vernon Baptist and she was gracious to host me for Entrenched 08, their student disicipleship weekend. I presented The Thread Saturday night and did a few sketches Sunday evening as well. The Lord is doing some great work at Mt. Vernon and raising up some strong leaders!