Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Greece Day 2

Day 2 came a tad early for me, but I was ready to explore the beauty of Greece! Everyone was already split into teams and those teams went to a different site each day. I joined the Media Team so I could visit as many sites as possible. Our team started off by joining the group conducting interviews of Greek locals. Students would approach different people and interview them about their culture, traditions and religious beliefs and practices. Everyone was delightful to talk with and openly shared about their rich culture.

Rows and rows of coffee is a BIG DEAL in Greece!
One of the teams paused for a photo op before starting their interviews!

After discussing traditions with our server (who wouldn't teach me any Greek dances, despite the fact that I was ready and willing to learn!) we piled in the van to visit the crew that was clearing away brush and planting new trees as part of a city beautification project.Clearing away the brush
The team takes a lunch break

We enjoyed lunch and a hike up the hill with this crew then we made our way to the sports clinics. Every afternoon our team split up to either lead or participate in several different sports, aerobics and dance classes in the community. This gave us an opportunity to meet more Greeks and learn their way of life in hopes of having a chance to talk with them about their way of life. I joined our two resident black belts for the Tae Kwon Do class. And no, I did not participate!
Shawn was incredible! He taught those kids some moves! He and his sister Kjerstin are from Alaska and are two of the sweetest people!
Kjerstin is an amazing young woman. She was born deaf but can now hear and speak thanks to a cochlear transplant! Not to mention she's a black belt. And from Alaska.

After the sports adventures (other teams went to fencing, aerobics, ballet, traditional Greek dance, basketball, and soccer) we headed back for dinner at our homestead and then had a wonderful night of worship. I was able to share a piece from my new show Grace's Cafe. Here's a shot of Stella (not in costume, as I had no costumes in Greece!)
Stella is a great character!

After such a full day it was early to bed to prepare for the hike we tackled on Wednesday!

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