Friday, January 30, 2009

Conclave::Day 1&2

We've had a great time at Conclave in Atlanta this weekend! Francis Chan has brought the Word two nights in a row and this guy has done an amazing job leading worship. Our booth has been busy busy and I've met some super cool people! Here are a few of them:

That's my friend Kaiti talking about DE to some fabulous visitors!
And that's one stylish lady signing up for the newsletter :)

These folks were super fun! We had a great time talking about
how DE could minister to the students in their city.
I told you they were super fun!

This guy stopped by.

So I gave him some information, you know, the brochure, the card, a sticker or two.

This is me saying, "Have you had a Dramatic Encounter?"

This is him looking confused by the question.

Maybe he'll come back tomorrow; I forgot to give him a purple pen!


Jonathan Chu said...

Yeah, that's pretty awesome! Glad that he stopped by and saw you! Jealous that you got to hang out with everyone! hope you're doing well.

Dramatic Encounter said...

It was definitely different without you there, we missed you tons!